People turn to food in times of stress, but these indulgences often end up making them feel worse than before.

AD/CW: Katie Greco/Georgia Murphy

Concept: Georgia Murphy


Spot 1:

VO1 (standard radio announcer voice) - Your stomach is being unsupportive. Everyone has their own way of coping. They don’t necessarily make sense. Somehow eating a whole large pizza didn’t stop your ex marrying that annoying girl who really isn’t that pretty if you look at her properly. There’s no scientific evidence to suggest a positive correlation between sixteen donuts and getting all three presentations done in time for Monday. Logic has no place in dealing with stress. The donuts soothed your emotionally frazzled soul. But now, my stomach is the one that’s been hurt. Turns out my coping mechanism doesn’t help my digestive system quite like it helped my broken heart.

VO2 - It’s time to hush your disapproving stomach’s grumblings. Tums is your weapon against the naysayers, the unsupportive stomachs, the pizza places that deliver
after 2am. Tums, your coping mechanism’s coping mechanism.

Spot 2:

VO1 (standard radio announcer voice)- Are you catching heat from your heart about dinner last night? It didn’t understand. You couldn’t order the MILD curry in front of your new girlfriend’s ex-marine Dad. Sure the Thai hot, extra spicy green chicken curry wasn’t exactly pleasant but it was NECESSARY. This is just like last week when it didn’t understand that after three client pitches, four deadlines and one all nighter, red wine isn’t a want, it’s a NEED. So for now your only option is a whole large pizza, four candy bars or 17 cookies. Logic has no place in dealing with stress. It demands grease, fat, sugar, obscene alcohol percentages. Your heart doesn’t understand this.

VO2- Tums is your weapon against judgemental in-laws, heartburn and curries not sanctioned by the FDA. Tums, your coping mechanism’s coping mechanism.

Spot 3:

VO1- (standard radio announcer voice)- Everyone knows you’re not supposed to eat before bed. We’ve been told that since we were kids. The humble midnight snack has been vilified to be akin to one of the 7 deadly sins. But tonight you couldn’t help yourself. And you shouldn’t feel bad. The baby has been up all night, Sarah has been working late so you’ve been on your own and you haven’t had the chance to shower in two days. The only solution was to scarf down the rest of last night’s pasta and eat half a pint of ice cream. You need to go to sleep before the baby wakes up in three hours, you don’t have time to be kept up by an uncooperative digestive system.  You needed a bedtime lullaby composed of carbs, cheese and chocolate swirls to lull you to sleep.

VO2- Tums is your weapon against collickey babies, heartburn and four cheese-stuffed fettuccine. Tums, your coping mechanism’s coping mechanism.